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Microbiology of the Everglades Ecosystem Book edited by E & E Professor Krish Jayachandran


This book is intended to provide the reader with the latest information on microbiology in the Everglades ecosystem.

Butterflies Fall Victim to Mosquito Control


“Changes in butterfly populations that occur as a result of natural factors are difficult to control and manage,” said Gary Rand, director of the Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment Lab and professor of environmental studies. “Human factors, like our use of insecticides, can certainly be monitored and managed more effectively.”

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Student Presentations

04/17/2015 03:00 PM

Kathleen Fallon, An analysis of beach-goers perception of beach safety at Miami Beach, Florida. Phillip Lamela, Investigation of Foraminiferal Assemblages from the Paleogene Cannonball Formation. Zoe Verlaak, Deep Infaunal Forams in Mangrove Swamps: Implications for Sea Level Reconstructions. Tyler Wieland, Tropical Cyclone Genesis: The Influence of Precipitating Areas and Rainfall Over Time

2015 Earth Day Benefit Concert

04/26/2015 04:00 PM

Please come out to support the FIU Nature Preserve at the Earth Day musical night. Starring Earth and Environment musician Professor Dr. Joel Heinen.

International Workshop on Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture

05/11/2015 08:30 AM

Workshop participants will explore the integration of tropical and subtropical fruits and edible plants into farming which sustains local food systems, as well as how to promote domestic and international trade.

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