Affiliated Faculty

Wossenu Abtew, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE

  • Principal Engineer, South Florida Water Management District

Patrick Belmont

  • Scientist, National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics, University of Minnesota

Henry Briceño

  • Research Scientist, Southeastern Environmental Research Center, FIU

Kevin Cunningham

  • United States Geological Survey

Elvira Durán

  • National University of Mexico

Jennifer (Zhaohui) Fu

  • GIS-RS Center, FIU

Evelyn Gaiser

  • Biological Sciences and SEAS, FIU

Daniel Gann

  • Research Associate, GIS-RS Center, FIU

Jennifer Gebelein

  • CAS Dean’s Office/Research Professor, FIU

Jennifer Grimm

  • Environmental Coordinator, CAS-SEAS, FIU

Craig van der Heiden

  • Chief Executive Officer: The Institute for Regional Conservation, Delray Beach, FL

Chris Langevin

  • United States Geological Survey Stewart Reed, US Department of Agriculture

Stewart Reed

  • US Department of Agriculture

Jay Sah

  • Southeastern Environmental Research Center, FIU

Kateel Shetty

  • Research Scientist, Earth and Environment, FIU

Rita Teutonico

  • School of Environment, Arts, and Society, FIU

Kevin Whelan

  • South Florida / Caribbean Network Inventory and Monitoring, National Park Service