Dr. Elizabeth Anderson

Elena Neibaur

Elena Neibaur, Graduate Student

Advisor: Elizabeth Anderson

Aldo Farah Perez

Aldo Farah Perez, Graduate Student

Email: afara017@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: Ph.D. in Earth Systems Science - Natural Resource Science and Management
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Anderson
Bachelor's Degree: Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Research Area: River Ecology
Research Topic: River Connectivity in the Andean Amazon

Ana Rojas

Ana Rojas, Graduate Student

Email: aroja088@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: M.S. in Environmental Studies
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Anderson
Bachelor's Degree: B.S. in Environmental Studies, Florida International University, FL, USA
Research Area: Tropics. Primarily Andes-Amazon Region
Research Topic: Socioecology of Non-Native Species in Rivers and Watersheds, Tropical Conservation