Dr. Melesse

Mohd Manzar Abbas

Mohd Manzar Abbas, Graduate Student

Email: mabba013@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: M.S. Environmental Studies
Advisor: Dr. Assefa Melesse
From: Bihar, India
Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science and Engineering from Guru Govind Singh College, Punjab, India
Research Area: Hydrology
Research Topic: Developing chlorophyll retrieving algorithm using remote sensing

Anteneh Zewdie Abiy

Anteneh Zewdie Abiy, Graduate Student

Email: aabiy001@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: Ph.D. in Geosciences
Advisor: Dr. Assefa Melesse
From: Ethiopia
Bachelor's Degree: Applied Geology, Mekelle University, Ethiopia
Master's Degree: Integrated Watershed Management and Hydrology, Cornell University, NY
Research Area: Modeling Hydroclimate Variability Driven Groundwater Flow and Saltwater Intrusion Dynamics in the Biscayne Aquifer in Miami-Dade County, Southeast Florida; Freshwater Availability in the Everglades; Hydroclimatic Data Analysis; Groundwater Modeling; Saltwater Intrusion Modeling

Samuel Kent

Samuel Kent, Graduate Student

Advisor: Dr. Assefa Melesse

Angelica Moncada

Angelica Moncada, Graduate Student

Email: amonc002@fiu.edu
Currend Degree Program: Ph.D. in Earth Systems Science with a Major in Geosciences
Advisor: Dr. Assefa Melesse
Bachelor's Degree: Environmental Science, University of Florida, FL, USA
Research Area: Hydrological Modeling and Geospatial Analysis of Phosphorus in Florida