Dr. Price

Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen, Graduate Student

Email: jalle091@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: PhD in Geoscience
Advisor: Rene Price
From: Biloxi, MS
Bachelor's: University of Southern Mississippi, 2012
Master's: USM Gulf Coast Research Lab, 2014
Research area: The Everglades
Research topic: The water budget and chemical conditions of two areas in the Florida Everglades

Dillon Reio

Dillon Reio, Graduate Student

Email: dreio001@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: MS Environmental Studies
Adviser: Rene Price
Where are you from: Boyds, Maryland
Where did you receive your bachelors: FIU
Research Area: The Hole-in-the-Donut Restoration Program in Everglades National Park
Research Topic: Evaluating long-term water levels and geochemistry to discern the effectiveness of an intrusive restoration technique

Kalli Unthank, Graduate Student