Dr. Sukop

Timothy Kirby

Timothy Kirby, Graduate Student

Email: tkirb004@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: Ph.D. in Natural Resource Science and Management
Advisor: Dr. Michael Sukop
From: Danville, Virginia, USA
Bachelor's Degree: Sustainable Development, Columbia University, NY, USA, 2016
Research Area: Water Governance, Natural Resource Economics
Research Topics: Social Equity and Environmental Justice (SEEJ) in US Water Governance, Social Network Analysis (SNA) of Climate Change Professionals and Organizations, Water-Saving Technology Adoption Behaviors, and Financing Mechanisms for Water Infrastructure Investments

Ron Hariprashad

Ron Hariprashad, Graduate Student

Email: rhari002@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: M.S. in Geosciences - Hydrogeology Track
Advisor: Dr. Michael Sukop
Bachelor's Degree: B.S. in Environmental Engineering, Florida International University, FL, USA
Research Area: Modeling Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction

Santiago Castex

Santiago Castex, Graduate Student

Email: scast033@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: Master in Geosciences
Advisor: Dr. Michael Sukop
Bachelor's Degree: Geoscience
Research Area: Hydrology