Dr. Whitman

Michael Kiflai

Michael Kiflai, Graduate Student

Email: mkifl001@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: Ph.D. in Geoscience
Advisor: Dr. Dean Whitman
From: Asmara, Eritrea
Bachelor's Degree: Eritrea Institute of Technology, Eritrea, 2011
Research Area: Hyrdogeophysics
Research Topic: Hydrogeophysical Characterization and Imaging in the Mangrove Lakes Region of Everglades National Park.

Alejandro Garcia

Alejandro Garcia, Graduate Student

Email: agarc277@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: M.S. in Geoscience
Advisor: Dr. Dean Whitman
From: Miami, FL, USA
Bachelor's Degree: B.S. in Geoscience, Florida International University, FL, USA, 2015
Research Area: Geophysics
Research Topic: Spectral Induced Polarization Response of Biofilm in Hanford Sediment and Effects of Autunite Solubility