Dr. Willoughby

Israel Gonzalez

Israel Gonzalez, Graduate Student

Current Degree Program: PhD in Earth Systems Science
Advisor: Hugh E. Willoughby
From: Miami, FL
Bachelor's: Geosciences (Atmospheric Track), FIU 2010
Master's: Geosciences (Atmospheric Track), FIU 2014
Research topic: Linear and Nonlinear Motion of a Barotropic Vortex (Thesis); Mechanisms of Hurricane Motion and Intensity Change (Dissertation)

Javiera Hernandez

Javiera Hernandez, Graduate Student

Email: jhern385@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: PhD Earth Systems Science
Advisor: Hugh Willoughby
From: Osorno, Chile / Miami, FL
Bachelors: Geography, University of Florida
Masters: Geosciences, Florida International University
Research topic: Hurricane impact simulations using idealized catastrophe models.

Margie Kieper

Margie Kieper, Graduate Student

Email: margaret.kieper@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: PhD in Geosciences
Advisor: Hugh Willoughby
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bachelor's: S.B. from MIT in 1979
Research area: analysis of satellite imagery of tropical cyclones, tropical cyclone life cycle and intensification, and tropical cyclone precipitation
Research topic: rapid intensification