Allan Popak

Allan Popak


I am Biologist, graduated at FIEO University (Brazil), with a Master Degree in Environmental Technology from the Technological Research Institute (Brazil), whose theme was: “Forest Restoration as a tool for the carbon market”. PhD in Environmental Sciences in University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), whose thesis was: “Development of a payment mechanism for environmental services in areas affected by sand extraction mining activity”.

CEO and Project Director of EcoAtlântica Environmental, private company located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, specialized in Forest, Wildlife and Sustainability projects.

Researcher of NGO Biomas / In-pacto for seven years, focused on researching projects about Environmental Economics and Sustainability Development.

My current research focuses on issues related to the Environmental Economic and the Natural Resources use, following the Ecological Economics principles and using the economics tools for keeping the conservation of Ecosystem Services. My researches fields are Payment for Ecosystem Services, Environmental Valuation, Environmental Conservancy and Forest Carbon Market.

The common approach in my research works is the application of ecological economics principles to environmental economics problem solving. This approach has an environmental bias over economics and political issues.


• Environmental Economic

• Ecology

• Recovery of Degraded Areas

• Wild Areas Conservation

• Carbon Market

• Environmental Assessment