Amir Khoddamzadeh

Amir Khoddamzadeh

Post-doctoral Associate, Oklahoma State University
Ph. D. University Putra Malaysia, 2011
The majority of my research projects deal with sustainable floriculture production, precision horticulture, nutrition and water management, seed biology, conservation techniques (cryobiology and synthetic seed), tissue/cell culture, pharmaceutical compounds, and molecular marker applications for somaclonal variation detection in some endangered/rare species, flowers,fruit trees, medicinal plants and ornamentals.

Courses Taught:

AGR 3930 Agriculture Colloquium: Medicinal, Aromatic, and Poisonous Plants (MAPs)
AGR 3930 Agriculture Colloquium: Biotechnology Applications in Horticultural Crops
AGR 4240 ModernCrop Production/AGR 5241 Advance Modern Crop
AGR 6251 Sustainable Farming System
EVR 1001 Introduction to Environmental Science & Sustainability
EVR 4274 Sustainable Agriculture
EVR 4905/EVR 5907 Independent Study
EVR 4934/EVR 5935 Special Topics
EVR 6970 Supervised Research
HOS 3012 Introduction to Horticulture Sciences
HOS 3012L Horticulture Science Lab
Horticulture Professional Certificate Program (FNGLA)

My current research focuses on:

a) In-vitro propagation (tissue/cell culture) and gene-banking (cyopreservation) of the imperiled/rare Floridian native plants (mostly orchids)
b) Optical non-destructive handheld sensor technology for sustainable fertilizer management in horticultural crops
c) Anti-quorum sensing activity of medicinal plants
d) Seed technology and biotechnology