Stephen Haggerty

Stephen Haggerty

Ph.D.,London University Imperial College of Science and Technology,1968

Research Interests

My research uses diamond as a proverbial window to Earth’s deep interior. Diamonds are pure carbon and natural antiques (2.8 – 3.2 billion years) that form at depths greater than 200 km in selectively old, cold and stable continental cratons. Brought to the surface volcanically in explosive kimberlite pipes, these preciously sought after gems hold an enormously rich information repository on: the early primordial Earth, sources of carbon, processes of fractionation, magmatic evolutionary events; and with plume-generated volcanism triggered at the core-mantle boundary (2,900 km depth), diamonds, the host rocks to diamonds, and mineral inclusions in diamonds, provide an unprecedented sample of Earth’s deep interior. My current studies are wide-ranging from field activities in Brazil, India, South Africa, and West Africa (finger printing “Blood Diamonds”), to the cosmos, pre-solar diamonds (greater than 4.5 billion years old), and the enigmatic origin of black and porous carbonado-diamond.

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Haggertyite . . . . . . BaFe6Ti5MgO19 American Mineralogist 83 (1998), 1323