"Botanical Review" special issue on Orchid Conservation edited by E&E faculty

The latest issue of the prestigious journal "Botanical Review" is devoted to "Orchid Conservation". This special issue of this journal has been edited by FIU Earth and Environment-Fairchild faculty Dr. Hong Liu.

It contains the proceedings of an international symposium on orchid conservation fully funded by several Governmental Agencies of China that took place in May 2009.

The Environmental Biology research that Hong is conducting in China is already having a phenomenal impact in the field, and importantly it clearly fits the Mission, Vision and Goals of our FIU-FTBG program. Because of Hong's hard work and vision, soon we will be having with us an official delegation of the Chinese Academy of Forest Sciences. In addition, we anticipate to receive another delegation from the Education Department of Beijing Botanic Garden to explore the possibility of having a Fairchild Challenge site in Beijing!!

Few other plant groups are so species-rich and ornamentally important as orchids. However; orchids not only represent paradigms for speciation and horticulture but for conservation concerns. This special issue of Botanical Review is clearly a major milestone for those interested in conservation of Tropical Plants.