E&E Students and Faculty Shine at American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco

E&E Students and Faculty gave the following presentations at the Fall 2010 American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco between December 12 and 17th:

  • A23A-0219: Testing the Parameterizations of Cloud Base Mass-Flux for Shallow Cumulus Clouds using Cloud Radar Observations. A. Chandra; P. Kollias; B. A. Albrecht; P. Zhu; S. A. Klein; Y. Zhang
  • A41B-0069: Hydrometeor Trajectories and Distributions in a Simulation of TC Rapid Intensification (RI). Z. Zhu; P. Zhu
  • B31B-0305: Relating Plant Carbon Exchange with Reflectance Spectroscopy. S. A. Long; K. F. Huemmrich; L. Corp
  • B41I-0439: Seasonal spectral dynamics and carbon fluxes at core EOS sites using EO-1 Hyperion images. D. Lagomasino; P. Campbell; R. M. Price
  • GC51I-0835: Possible climate change impacts on the hydrological and vegetative character of Everglades National Park, Florida. J. Todd; R. Muneepeerakul; F. R. Miralles-Wilhelm; A. Rinaldo; I. Rodriguez-Iturbe
  • H21G-1136: Climate change trend in the tropical and Caribbean regions and its hydrological impacts. S. G. Setegn; A. M. Melesse
  • H33H-02: Precipitation and groundwater evapotranspiration as hydraulic drivers of nutrient and ion accumulation in Everglades’ tree islands, Florida. P. L. Sullivan; R. M. Price; F. R. Miralles-Wilhelm; M. S. Ross; L. J. Scinto; E. Cline; T. W. Dreschel; F. H. Sklar
  • H33K-08: Remote sensing analysis of foliar water and nutrient content in subtropical wetland tree islands. X. Wang; D. O. Fuller; L. O. Sternberg; F. R. Miralles-Wilhelm
  • H43A-1221. Lattice Boltzmann Hydrodynamic and Transport Modeling of Everglades Mangrove Estuaries. M. C. Sukop; V. Engel
  • H43C-1247: Application of Method of Variation to Analyze and Predict Human Induced Modifications of Water Resource Systems. S. B. Dessu; A. M. Melesse; B. Mahadev; M. McClain
  • H53F-1097: Major Ion Chemistry of Shark River Slough, Everglades National Park . N. M. Neira; F. A. Matthews; D. Lagomasino; R. M. Price
  • H53F-1098: A 2002-2008 hydrological budget and phosphorus residence times for Shark River Slough, Everglades National Park.. A. K. Saha; R. M. Price; H. Fitz; V. Engel
  • H53F-1099: Perturbations in major ion chemistry of Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park, Florida, USA . E. Sandoval; R. M. Price
  • OS31B-1427: Assessing sediment dynamics of the Middle St. Johns River Basin, Lake Jesup, Florida, USA. W. T. Anderson; S. M. Nielsen; L. J. Scinto; S. Thomas; D. C. Fugate; D. R. Corbett; S. Brandt-Williams
  • PP51A-1584: Proxy records of climate variability in South Florida over the last 3,500 years. C. Rebenack; C. Saunders; C. S. Moses; F. H. Sklar; W. T. Anderson
  • V23B-2419: Isotopic Studies of the Guerrero Composite Terrane, West-Central Mexico: Implications for Provenance of Crustal Rocks and Ore Metals. A. Potra; A. W. Macfarlane; V. J. Salters; A. Sachi-Kocher
  • V33B-2370: Middle Crustal Rocks from the Southern Mariana Trench - Relationship to Boninite and Tholeiitic Magma. J. A. Johnson; R. Hickey-Vargas; P. Fryer
  • V43C-2398: U-Th-Ba elemental fractionation during partial melting of crustal xenoliths and implications for U-series disequilibria in continental arc rocks. R. Brens; R. Hickey-Vargas