Graduate student David Gandy receives Everglades Foundation scholarship

Story excerpted from the Everglades Foundation newsletter: Click here for full article.

Graduate student David Gandy received the $10,000 Everglades Foundation master student scholarship. Gandy is currently working on a study that is funded by the National Park Service.

He is investigating the role of canals as potential dispersal vectors for non-native fishes into the Everglades National Park. This study is particularly important, since while restoring the Everglades, managers will change hydrologic patterns and redirect water in ways that would inadvertently result in more non-native fish into sensitive ENP ecosystems.

“This project would not be possible without the funding from this scholarship and several questions would be left unanswered,” said Gandy.

Gandy is a member of the American Fisheries Society. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in biology and marine science from Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. He works in Dr Rehage's lab.