Postdoc Dr Shimelis Setegn's papers receive special notice

Department postdoc Dr. Shimelis Setegn's two published papers were featured as one of the top accessed articles in 2010 in Hydrological Processes journal and selected as “Cutting Edge Research” in the Earth and Environmental eNewsletter of Wiley-Blackwell that focused on GIS & Remote Sensing. Details are in the links are below. Setegn works with Associate Professor Assefa Melesee.

The papers are:

  1. Setegn, S.G., Srinivasan, R., Melesse, A., Dargahi1 ,B., 2009. SWAT model application and prediction uncertainty analysis in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia Hydrological Processes, 24(3):357 – 367.
  2. Setegn, S.G., Srinivasan, R., Dargahi1 ,B., Melesse, A., 2009. Spatial Delineation of Soil Erosion Prone Areas: Application of SWAT and MCE Approaches in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia,Hydrological Processes, 23(26): 3738-3750.