FIU atmospheric sciences seniors participate in NSF sponsored REU programs

This summer, three FIU atmospheric sciences seniors, Tony Cosio, Astryd Rodriguez and Heather Vazquez, are participating in NSF sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs. Tony and Heather are at Colorado State University (CSU) in Ft. Collins, CO. Tony is working on hurricanes with Wayne Schubert. Dr Schubert is one of world’s leading hurricane-dynamics researchers. Heather is studying prediction of rainfall from Mesoscale Convective Systems under the mentorship of Dr. Russ Schumacher, an assistant professor at CSU who leads a group trying to understand extreme rainfall from organized convective clouds.

Astryd is studying how forecasters manage uncertainty at the Hazardous Weather Testbed, which is jointly managed by NOAA’s National Severe Storms Lab, Storm Prediction Center, and the local Weather Service Office in Norman, OK.

Both Heather and Astryd have been doing a bit of tornado chasing. Astryd had a great tornado adventure when she and the other REU students from Norman managed to get within ½ mile of a tornado that stayed on the ground for nearly an hour late in the day outside of Dodge City, KA and then saw the continuous lightning from a second tornado that formed in the dark. Tony, Astryd and Heather are having fantastic experiences and representing FIU in the best possible light. We should be very proud of them.

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