E & E presents research at world's largest conference of earth and space scientists

FIU Earth & Environment members presented their research at the fall American Geophysical Union meeting, the world's largest gathering of Earth and space scientists!

E & E graduate students, faculty, postdocs and alumni presented posters and talks at the Dec. 4-7 2012 meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco http:/fallmeeting.agu.org2012/; their research spanned climate change, hydrology, paleoceanography, tectonics, and weather.

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Fourteen FIU graduate students presented posters:

  • Tara Blakey (Geosciences, PhD) investigated forcasting the risk of leishmaniasis with models of climate and pathogen data,
  • Kevin Chau (Geosciences, PhD) presented geochemical evidence of the opening of the Atlantic Ocean,
  • Shimelis Dessu (Geosciences, PhD) modeled the effects of climate change on the hydrology of Kenya,
  • Albert Forson (Geosciences, PhD) described karst features of the Biscayne Aquifer,
  • Kelly Gustafson (Environmental Studies, MS) addressed the efffects of climate oscillations on disease in Australia,
  • Sven Holbik (Geosciences, PhD) described the geochemistry of volcanoes in the Chilean Andes,
  • Julie Johnson (Geosciences, PhD) presented the geochemistry of undersea rocks from the Marianna Trench near Guam,
  • Hari Kandel (Geosciences, PhD) showed temperature change caused by changes in land use in South Florida,
  • Noosha Mahmoudi (Geosciences, PhD) modeled sediment and water transport in Loxahatchee,
  • Annie Palya (Geosciences, PhD) described carbon sources in Everglades mangroves,
  • Carrie Rebenack (Geosciences, PhD) identified seasonality and weather events recorded by tree rings in the Florida Keys,
  • Yosmel Sanchez (Geosciences, PhD) addressed the paleoceanography of a Spanish oceanic basin,
  • Cheng Tao (Geosciences, PhD) demonstrated the contribution of tropical cyclones to global deep convection
  • Joe Zagrodnik (Geosciences, MS) modelled estimates of rainfall related to tropical cyclones.

FIU Earth & Environment faculty who coauthored with students are Bill Anderson, Gren Draper, Rosemary Hickey-Vargas, Haiyan Jiang, Florentin Maurrasse, Assefa Melesse, Fernando Miralles, Len Scinto, Gautam Sen, and Dean Whitman. Haiyan Jiang also convened a session on Remote Sensing of Tropical Cyclones, and Rosemary Hickey-Vargas was a judge for student posters.

FIU Earth & Environment faculty members also gave talks: Haiyan Jiang on the conditions necessary for rapid intensification of hurricanes, Keqi Zhang spoke on the effects of sea-level rise in S. Florida.

FIU Earth & Environment Postdoc Alexandra Serna presented the effects of Everglades water depth and flow on plant nutrients and decomposition.

FIU Geosciences graduate alumni also presented research: Raul Brens (MS) on experimental petrology of an island arc, and Indra Sen (PhD) on anthropogenic disturbance of element cycles and osmium in airborne particles.