FIU Geosciences presentations at Oct. 27-30 Geological Society of America annual meeting

FIU Geoscience graduate students presented talks and posters: Yosmel Sanchez spoke on the formation of petroleum source rocks in Spain, Hari Kandel presented his research on changing precipitation as a result of urbanization in South Florida, and Sven Holbik presented on Andean volcanoes.

FIU Geoscience alumni Daniel Lao-Davila spoke on the northern Puerto Rican fault zone, Jeremy Stalker spoke on identifying sources of water for tap water systems, and Adriana Potra spoke on copper ores of Mexico.

FIU Geoscience faculty also spoke: Laurie Collins on environmental effects of anthropogenic vs. natural events in Florida Bay, Rosemary Hickey-Vargas on opportunities for high school students in the geosciences, Florentin Maurrasse on conditions of formation for deposits of Mexico, and Mike Sukop on conductivity of the Biscayne Aquifer.