Symposium Thankyous and Winners

This year's E&E Graduate Research Symposium was enjoyed by faculty, staff, grad students and undergrads in all our degree programs. We saw the research going on across campus and in labs we know little about. We had more talks, more posters, and more attendees than the first year, so interest has grown since our first (2012) symposium.

Thanks to the Judges, Drs. Gren Draper, Rosemary Hickey, Krish Jayachandran, Haiyan Jiang, Hong Liu, Mike Ross, Rene Price, and Neptune Srimal for scoring the talks and posters with the American Geophysical Union scoring forms.

Thanks to Dr. Gren Draper and Maria Marquez for photo-documentation of the event.

Thanks to Danielle Ogurcak, David Lagomasino and Albert Yeboah-Forson for serving as Moderator for their oral session and keeping the symposium timing on track. They had more courage than I had as a grad student!

All students who wanted to present a poster or talk got their preference. Congratulations to all of the presenters for their very professional, interesting talks and posters. The Winners of the 2013 awards were:

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Chris Edwards, best poster in M.S. Environmental Studies, David Gandy, runner-up poster in M.S. Environmental Studies, Carrie Rebenack, best poster in Ph.D. Geosciences, Juliana Corrales, runner-up poster in Ph.D. Geosciences, Andres Rodriguez, best talk in M.S. Environmental Studies, Estefania Sandoval, best talk in M.S. Geosciences, Joseph Zagrodnik, runner-up talk in M.S. Geosciences, Julie Johnson, best talk in Ph.D. Geosciences, Albert Yeboah-Forson, runner-up talk in Ph.D. Geosciences.

I regret that we had too few students (2) in the category M.S. Environmental Studies talks for a runner-up award (Eric Van Vleet would surely have won with his talk on Oaxacan community-based conservation!) and too few (1) in M.S. Geosciences posters to give an award (- Izzy Gonzalez's poster on vortex motion was excellent!).

Last but not least, many thanks for the planning and hard work by Cary Machado, Sabrina Delgado, Zac Patterson, Gail Excell, and Diane Pirie. They made it really special.

Laurie Organizer, 2013 E&E Graduate Research Symposium