M.S. in Geosciences

The Master of Science in Geosciences is conferred upon successful completion of either the Thesis Track or Non-Thesis Track option of the degree program. The Thesis Track, M.S. program is a traditional Masters degree program that requires satisfactory completion of required coursework, mastery of a discipline of geoscience, and completion of an independent research project, the masters thesis. The M.S. Non-Thesis Track program is aimed at working professionals whose career would be enhanced with a M.S. degree and whose work duties do not allow them the research time required to complete a masters thesis. Research assistantships are usually not awarded to students pursuing the Non-Thesis Track.

Opportunities for study are in atmospheric sciences, tectonics, Igneous petrology/geochemistry/economic geology, hydrogeology and environmental geology, stratigraphy/sedimentology, micropaleontology, and geophysics/remote sensing/GIS.

For more information on the M.S. Geosciences Program, see the Graduate Program Handbook for the M.S. in Geosciences.

For more information on courses, see the current graduate course catalog.

Application deadline dates for both domestic and international:

Fall - February 1st

Spring - August 1st