Financial Support

Most full-time graduate students in the Department of Earth and Environment who are in the Thesis-Track M.S. are supported with Research Assistantships (RAs), which provide a stipend and tuition waiver. The program also accepts students who are fully self-supported. The assistantships are limited to work with faculty who can support a student with a grant. Assistantships require up to 20 hours per week in research assistance. Stipends supported with Research Assistantships are $15,000 or higher. Assistantships are described more fully in the Graduate Program Handbook for the M.S. in Geosciences.

Applicants seeking research assistantships should indicate this in their application cover letter. In general, assistantships are only offered to research if a faculty member in the department agrees to sponsor them. We therefore request that each applicant seeking an assistantship contact a faculty member in their area of research who will agree to sponsor the application and (if admitted) to serve as the major professor. To be considered for a research assistanship beginning in the fall semester, a prospective student must submit a complete application by February 1. To be considered for an RA beginning in the spring semester, a complete application must be submitted by September 1. International students are encouraged to submit all of their materials well in advance of these deadlines.

In addition to the research assistantships described above, there are several other opportunities for financial aid for newly admitted graduate students. Students who obtain these awards enhance their chances of admission by increasing our ability to support them. Information on the main fellowships and other graduate student financial aid opportunities may be found on the webpage of FIU’s University Graduate School. In particular, the programs listed below may be useful to applicants.

Latin American and Caribbean Graduate Fellowships

These awards are available to applicants from all countries in the Western Hemisphere except the U.S. and Canada. The award grants the student Florida in-state tuition status while you are enrolled in the FIU graduate program, enhancing our ability to admit and support you with tuition waivers. If you are from an eligible country, you should encourage your prospective advisor to nominate you for this award with the International Student and Scholar Services office immediately. Information on this type of assistantship may be found here.

Florida Linkage Institutes

Graduates of certain foreign universities are eligible for Florida in-state tuition status. To be considered a Florida resident for tuition purposes under the linkage institutes program, prospective students must apply on their own behalf depending on their country of origin. Information on whom to contact in order to apply for this award may be found on the International Student and Scholar Services webpage (near the bottom).