Course Description

EVR 5320 Environmental Resource Management (3). The scientific and philosophical basis for the management of renewable and non-renewable energy, mineral, air, water, and biotic resources. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or permission of the instructor.

EVR 5355 Environmental Resource Policy (3). A survey of international and national environmental policy and the legal, economic, and administrative dimensions of international accords and selected U.S. law. Prerequisites: EVR 5320 or permission of the instructor.

EVR 5409 Advanced Conservation Biology (3). Exploration of modern applications of ecology, genetics and evolutionary biology in the conservation biology. Policy aspects of biological conservation are also discussed. Prerequisites: BSC 1010 and BSC 1011.

EVR 5219 Water Resources Assessment (3). Elements of hydrological cycle, hydrological processes and water resources assessment with emphasis on surface and groundwater water quantity and quality evaluation is central to the course.

GIS 5050 Environmental GIS (3). Concepts of GIS, database design and management, advanced spatial analysis and modeling, uncertainty, error, and sensitivity in GIS. Focus on GIS project design, execution and presentation using AroGIS. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

EVR 6950 Graduate Seminar (1). A weekly seminar that features guest speakers, student presentations, and discussions among graduate students and faculty. Environmental Studies graduate students are required to register during three semesters of their program. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

STA 6196 Statistics for Environmental Sciences (3). Environmental Quality Data, Binomial, Poisson, Normal, Lognormal, and Extreme value distributions. Prediction and Tolerance Intervals, Hypothesis Testing of Environmental Quality Data, Risk Assessment, Regression, Spatial Statistics. Prerequisites: STA 2122, STA 3145, STA 6166 or the equivalent.

EVR 5907 Research and Independent Study (VAR). The student works with a professor on a research project. Variable credit.

EVR 7445 Public Land Management (3). Examines the historical, administrative, and legal settings that have predisposed various resource management agencies to succeed or fail in protecting public lands. Explores new and integrated approaches to building consensus on public land management issues. Prerequisites: EVR 5320, EVR 5355, equivalent or permission of the instructor.

MMC 5655 Mass Communication and Environment (3). Explores environmental journalism, reporting, press release, building environmental awareness in private and public sectors. Graduate standing or permission of the instructor.

EVR 7322 Methods of Sustainable Resource Management (3). A study of methods and policies for achieving a sustainable environment. Covers project appraisal, resource modeling and national accounts in the context of resource sustainability. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or permission of the instructor.