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Geoscience Programs

B.S. in Geosciences (Atmospheric Science and Geology)

B.A in Earth Sciences

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Environmental Studies Programs

B.S in Environmental Studies (Natural Resource Science and Agricultural Science)

B.A in Sustainability and the Environment

The Department of Earth and Environment has well qualified faculty and well equipped laboratories and field facilities to teach students concepts and field and laboratory techniques across the earth and environmental sciences, policy and management. The Department offers four undergraduate degree programs that broadly cover scientific and social aspects of understanding and managing earth and environmental systems. The degree programs are:

  1. BS: Geoscience Programs,Geosciences
    • Geology (Solid Earth and Hydrology) Track
      • State of Florida Professional Geologist
    • Atmospheric Sciences (Meteorology) Track
      • American Meteorology Society Certification.
  2. BA: Earth Sciences
    • Earth Science Education Track
      • Florida Secondary School Certification
  3. BS: Environmental Studies
    • Agricultural Sciences Track
    • Natural Resource Sciences Track
  4. BA: Sustainability and the Environment

The Department also administers three undergraduate Certificate programs in conjunction with other units. They are: the Certificate in Environmental Studies, the Certificate in Agroecology, and the Certificate in Biodiversity Conservation and Management Conservation Biology Management. The Department is also a major focus of the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, administered by FIU’s GIS/Remote Sensing Center.