Giving To Our Department

Giving to the Earth & Environment Department

There are several ways to give your support to our department and our college. Alumni have already made an enormous difference in the education of our students through scholarship and fieldtrip funds. These funds give students the opportunity to begin their career as a young geoscientist and explore research interests in a variety of ways. Gifts intended for use by a specific department are easy to complete. Please write your check to Florida International University Foundation, assuring you of the tax deduction for your gift. In the memo field on your check, note the department you would like supported. Kindly mail your check to the attention of Robert Callahan, Assistant Dean for Advancement, Florida International University College of Arts and Sciences, 1200 SW 8th Street, ECS 450, Miami, FL 33199.

Giving to FIU

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) also welcomes your support. Private support for public education permits growth of scholarships, equipment, and professorships. For this type of donation please contact Robert Callahan, Assistant Dean of CAS Advancement.

Planned Giving to FIU

Planned giving offers friends and alumni the opportunity to support Florida International University through a variety of tax-beneficial options and opportunities to consider during estate planning. Planned gifts are generally commitments made in the present with the benefit to FIU deferred until a future date. Such gift arrangements often provide the donor with significant income or estate tax deductions. Depending on the type of gift arrangement and the donor's specific financial circumstances, comprehensive gift planning can provide some or all of the following benefits:

  • Increase current income;
  • Bypass or reduce capital gains taxes if appreciated assets are used to fund the gift;
  • Reduce current income taxes;
  • Reduce federal estate taxes;
  • Conserve estate assets for family and loved ones; and
  • Provide significant and lasting support for FIU to benefit future generations of students.

Planned gifts can either be outright gifts of cash, securities, real estate or other assets made during one's lifetime or deferred gifts made in conjunction with an individual or couple's estate plans. Some deferred gift arrangements provide donors with income during their lifetimes. Some types of planned gifts include:

For additional information on any of these options, including a free customized computer analysis of a gift plan to fit your specific circumstances, please contact: Robert Conrad, Vice President of University Advancement.