Dr. Ross

Himadri Biswas, Graduate Student

Danielle Crisostomo, Graduate Student

Joshua Diamond, Graduate Student

Email: jdiam009@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: Ph.D. program (candidate)
Advisor: Michael S. Ross
From: Washington, DC
Bachelors: Hampshire College, Amherst MA
Masters: Florida International University
Research area: Ecology
Research topic: Non-trophic competition between native and exotic cavity-nesting birds in South Florida.

Suresh Subedi, Graduate Student

Rosario Vidales

Rosario Vidales, Graduate Student

Email: rvida018@fiu.edu
Current Degree Program: Ph. D Natural Resource Science & Management
Advisor: Michael S. Ross
From: Homestead, FL
Bachelors: Florida International University, 2014
Research area: Coastal Wetlands of the Southeast Saline Everglades, Florida
Research topic: Vegetation and soil change in the marsh and tree island ecosystem gradients of the Southeast Saline Everglades over time.