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Message from the Chair

René Price, Earth and Environment Chair

Patricia Houle, Earth and Environment Associate Chair

Dear Students, Friends, and Alumni:

The environmental problems facing our society today require that tomorrow’s leaders are well equipped to make the science-based decisions necessary to tackle these issues. Toward that end, the Department of Earth & Environment provides our students with a multidisciplinary education in atmospheric, aquatic, earth and agricultural sciences as well as environmental resource management and policy. Our internationally recognized faculty conduct research in the fields of sea level rise, climate change, geologic hazards, hurricane impacts, water resources, ecotoxicology, natural resources conservation, and sustainable agriculture. Our faculty are local experts on Everglades’ restoration, seawater intrusion, South Florida Geology, as well as tropical cyclones, ecology, and agriculture. As part of the School of Environment, Arts and Society in the College of Arts, Sciences and Education we are working to understanding the natural world and its interactions with human systems to give our students the skills and understanding needed for sustainable societies in a changing climate.

Please check back here often to stay updated on our progress, and thank you for your support.


René Price (Chair) & Patricia Houle (Associate Chair)