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USDA NIFA-Sponsored Higher Education Grants Programs

These opportunities are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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    These programs award students $4,000 over the course of a year ($1,000 for fall, $1,000 for spring, and $2,000 for summer). Students can remain under scholarship for up to four years.

    Students who receive these scholarships are required to devote time to research during the fall and spring semesters and complete an agriculture-related internship during the summer semester. Student commitment lasts for 11 weeks during the fall (70 hours) and 11 weeks during the spring (70 hours) — about 6 hours per week. One of the hours every week is spent assisting/learning from our garden manager at the on-campus organic garden. The other 5 hours are spent working on a research project or participating in Agroecology Program community engagement and recruitment activities.

    Each student is paired with a graduate student or faculty mentor to help them along with their research. The $2,000 summer funding amount is provided to compensate work for completion of an agriculture related summer internship which is unpaid by the internship host (160 hours). 

    There is no deadline for scholarship applications. We are always interviewing and accepting students into our scholarship program as long as spots remain available. Eligible students are those who are registered for the BS in Environmental Studies under the Agricultural Sciences track and/or the Agroecology Certificate Program with a minimum GPA of 2.7. 

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