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Minor in Meteorology

This minor is intended for science/math/engineering majors who wish to develop an understanding of meteorology. Students from other majors who have math/science background and literacy can also take this minor. Calculus I or Business Calculus, and Physics I are pre- or co-requisites for General Meteorology. The minor consists of at least 16 credits of earth sciences.

For a full list of Earth and Environment courses, see the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

  • Required Courses (10 credits)

    MET 3003 General Meteorology

    MET 4420 Physical Meteorology or MET 3102 Physical Climatology

    MET 3502 & MET 3502L Synoptic Meteorology &Synoptic Meteorology Lab

  • Electives (pick two for at least 6 credits)

    MET 4300 Severe Weather

    MET 4532 Hurricanes

    OCE 3014 & OCE 3014L Oceanography & Oceanography Lab

    MET 4400 Meteorological Instrumentation and Observations

    MET 4301 Dynamic Meteorology I

    MET 4302 Dynamic Meteorology II